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Paintball Heaven

All good paintballers go to Heaven! Paintball Heaven that is!

Paintball Heaven offers the best and latest in paintball equipment and supplies for ballers of all skill levels! Our service and prices will make you feel like you've just gone to "Heaven".

Heaven is a full service shop that offers both CO2 and Compressed Air fills with boosting capabilities up to 5000psi. We also carry the highest quality balls, supplies and gear at "Heavenly" prices. We also do service, maintenance, and warranty work on all of your trusty markers and gear of choice.

Paintball Heaven is happy to announce that we will be carrying "Airsoft" equipment and supplies starting Oct 1st! We will be carrying all ranges and types of guns and accessories for all you "Airsoft" fans out there. From the novice/beginners, who just want to target plink inside and out, to the more advanced players looking for the latest in high quality spring, gas, and electronic guns, to the players looking for authentic replica type guns... We'll have something for everyone!

Drop by our store and check out all the cool stuffs. We'll also be featuring "In-Store Specials" every week. So drop by often, and don't miss out on all the deals. Can’t make it into "Heaven" on time? No worries. Just give Chris a call, and he’ll hook you up with what you need.

We are the only Angel Certified tech shop on the Big Island! Give us a call for any problems you have with your Angel. Just one more reason why all good paintballers go to Heaven!

Hope to sees ya all in "Heaven" soon!!!

Store Hours:
Monday through Friday: 3:30 - 6:00pm
Saturday: 1:00 - 4:00pm
Sundays: closed, come find us on the field

14 Holomua St. Suite "A" in the Hilo industrial area, across from Napa

Call the store at 808-935-1113 or Chris at 808-937-8298


The Paintball Heaven Store

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