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Run-A-Muck Paintball Field

Whether you're a weekend warrior, a tournament level player, or somewhere in between, we invite you to "Come Run-A-Muck With Us!"

Whatever your level of play, Run-A-Muck Paintball is all about having a good time! Come down and meet new people, trade stories, and have a blast!

We play every Sunday from 10am - 4pm, stop by Paintball Heaven or contact Chris for more information. Call the store at 808-935-1113 or Chris at 808-937-8298.

Our field offers CO2 fills and Compressed Air fills up to 4500psi.

20oz bottle: $5.00
16oz bottle: $4.00
12oz bottle: $3.50
9oz bottle: $3.00
3oz bottle: $1.00

Compressed Air
$7.00 for all day air!

We ask that you support our field by using field paint and air only! Paint prices vary based on brand and availability, but generally run from $35-$45 a case.



Come Run-A-Muck with us!

Fun For All Ages!